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Counselling and therapy for individuals in a safe, comfortable and private setting

Sometimes in life we can feel a bit stuck, we’ve lost direction and are not sure how to move forward.

Maybe you feel that you’re stuck in the past, repeating the same unhelpful patterns and wishing that things were different, that you were different. Is the pain from your past or worries about the future making it hard to live and enjoy the present?

Maybe its fear or anxiety that is holding you back. If this sounds familiar, then counselling could help you to move forward in your life.

Are you ready to live better?

Together we can explore your fears and worries, you can embrace the real you in a safe and non-judgemental space, considering your wants and needs and making a meaningful connection with yourself. Together we can explore your history and identify any repeating patterns that you may not be aware of.

Sometimes we just want to make sense of difficult or challenging times in life, counselling can provide the safe space you need to explore and re-evaluate.

I believe that we each have the ability to live a fulfilled life, regardless of your age or life stage it’s never too late to LIVE! You can begin to move forward. The relationship between counsellor and client is especially important in order for us to be able to effectively work together. With this in mind I offer a free 20-minute telephone or video call during which you can give me brief details of why you are seeking counselling and ask me any questions you may have. If we agree to working together, we can then book an initial session in which we can explore your reasons for seeking counselling and how you would like counselling to help you.

I am a Registered member of the BACP and hold an enhanced DBS certificate.

I have counselling rooms in Newport Pagnell Milton Keynes and Olney Buckinghamshire.

How I Work

All sessions are 50 minutes in length. For continuity sessions will ideally be held weekly/fortnightly on the same day and time. I offer both daytime and evening sessions Monday to Thursday. Face to face sessions from the i-Centre in Newport Pagnell Milton Keynes and Bodhispace in Olney. Video/Zoom sessions. Walk and talk sessions are available in Milton Keynes during daylight hours only. Walk and talk therapy takes place outdoors walking side by side. For some it may feel easier to talk to a counsellor in this relaxed way whilst walking.


Face to face sessions £55

Walk and talk sessions £55

Video/Zoom sessions £50

Sessions are payable 24 hours in advance by bank transfer. I require 48 hours notice if you want to cancel/reschedule your session, any cancelations with less than 48 hours notice will be charged the full session price.

Areas I Work With

Anger management


Behaviour problems



Domestic abuse

Emotional abuse

Family issues

Low self-confidence

Low self-esteem

Panic attacks

Sexual abuse

Relationship problems

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Sex problems


Suicidal thoughts


My Approach

Being an integrative counsellor allows me to be client centred and work in a flexible and creative way.

I will not judge you or tell you what to do, I will work with you to help you process your thoughts and feelings. We can look at your difficulties from different perspectives, considering choices that have been made.

Counselling doesn’t have a one approach fits all technique, the work we do together will be tailored to your needs. Sharing your difficulties and pain with a counsellor and feeling valued and heard can bring about significant healing and change.

I have experience of working with a range of issues. I regularly undertake extra training and I have a particular interest in trauma and how it manifests in the body affecting a person’s nervous system.

Trauma and repeated or chronic stress can have a huge impact on our body, the nervous system can get stuck in fight, flight or freeze mode, this can result in high blood pressure, raised stress hormones, anxiety and insomnia it can create psychological problems such as, avoidance, communication issues, dissociative behaviours and physiological issues with body organs such as a fast or slow heart rate and an unsettled stomach. Counselling can help you tune into your body and how it responds, once tuned in you can start to control how your body reacts to stress and trauma

I combine both Top-down and Bottom-up approaches to counselling.

Top-down approach to counselling works with the thinking/rational part of the brain (Prefrontal cortex). This approach can enable you to change negative thoughts or beliefs that you may have about yourself, this can have a positive affect on your emotions and lessen symptoms of anxiety, worry, anger, dread and sadness. This can reduce physical symptoms in the body such as; insomnia, headaches, backache and digestive issues (IBS).

Bottom-up approach to counselling seeks to access and heal unprocessed trauma trapped within the lower parts of the brain, the brain stem (Survival state) and the limbic system (Emotional state).

Tools I use in this approach are:

Somatic experiencing - Focusing on the felt sense in your body. Grounding techniques to self-regulate

Internal family systems – Accessing and healing your inner parts.

Expressive arts therapy – Using the creative process to encourage emotional growth and healing.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how counselling works, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to counselling, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help.

You can also call me on 07570 150496 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first.

In addition to providing face-to-face therapy in Milton Keynes, I also offer online sessions for clients throughout the UK. Contact me to find out more about how online therapy works.


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